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Understanding the meaning and diversity of music:

Music is that form of art which makes us feel alive. It’s a blend of various instruments and vocals that together form a sound which pleases all the ...

Music and Wellness: Pumping Life into Our Mind, Body and Soul.

Music and wellness are twins- such twins who cannot be separated, for they give birth to each other for a blissful and content life. Well, at least we would like to think that way. And we are sure, once you are done reading this piece, you would agree that music is nothing but the ultimate source of lifting our spirits and would be ready to give a shot.

Understanding the meaning and diversity of music:

Music is that form of art which makes us feel alive. It’s a blend of various instruments and vocals that together form a sound which pleases all the elements of our existence. It charges our body, refreshes our mind and cleanses our soul like nothing else. As a whole, music is the key to a healthy living and an essential part of our daily activities- something much more than just a source of entertainment. In fact, music is more like a best friend than just an art. It’s there with us every day, wherever we are, in whatever mood. We listen to music all the time- when we travel, eat, rest, play, workout, wake up or go to sleep, party, feel angry, feel happy, when we fall in love when sadly fall out of it, and not what not. Some also can’t get over it while studying, can you beat that! That is the magic of music. Be it Army bands, sports events, shopping malls or even memorising the basic math formulas, music contributes its bit in cheering our mood and enhancing our grasping capabilities.

All the elements of music- pitch, rhythm, tempo, texture, and dynamics all together make our day delightful and motivate us unconditionally. The genres of music might vary from Pop to Trance, Classical to Metal, and Rock to House; but the prime goal of this blessing is to beautify our thoughts and help us maintain our good health.

What water does to thirst, music does to bad health:

Music is that drug that can keep you high on happiness and peace for a lifetime. Apart from keeping us cheered up every now and then, music has the proficiency of providing numerous health benefits such as dropping stress levels, increasing consciousness, altering our moods, and strengthening the brain. It is applicable in several meditations as well.

Some of the health issues where music does its underrated magic include:

  • • Reduces prolonged back pain- Music has a notable effect on the autonomic nervous system as well as the limbic system of human body. The former controls blood pressure, heartbeat as well as brain functioning whereas the latter one manages emotions and moods. When we are in pain, our muscles tighten up and we feel frustrated. This stresses up our back muscles subsequently. Good music helps our body relax physically and mentally, leading to relieving and relaxing of the back muscles.
  • • Positive impact on workout and stamina- Listening to music while exercising can enhance our workout sessions big time. It helps in boosting endurance, lifts the mood and diverts your mind from any uneasiness felt during the session.
  • • Strengthens memory- Memory loss has become a common phenomenon, keeping in mind the on-going stress levels in the society. Music helps the patients to remember tunes or songs and get in touch with their history.
  • • Controls heartbeat, pulse rate and blood pressure- Music has been widely recognised for strengthening our heart and helps people recover soon from heart disease. The endorphins released in the brain contribute to improving the overall vascular health of the body.
  • • Treats anxiety and depression- Music helps in treating cancer patients by lowering their depression and anxiety levels. It’s been recognised for great effects on improving stress conditions and lifting moods.

We all will certainly be on the same page with the statement that good health is an extremely significant aspect of great living. Our days get way more stressful and complicated when we are dealing with poor health. So in case you are seeking for some relaxation, an overwhelming emotional therapy or boost in our energy level, try listening to your most loveable song or play your favourite instruments like guitar, piano, flute or drums and feel the change.

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